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Since my last post I’ve had some time to work with the code and create something a little less rudimentary…  

       To give some background:  I have these books, sketch books, that I’ve always worked in.  I’ve also had this goal to make and translate them into a digital forum.  Eventually I’d like to create, a  for lack of a better interpretation,  One book with a “full user experience”, which allows you to explore them in  something of a more 3d fashion.  Why?  because A: Im pretty rough on them and they’re falling apart, and B: I dunno, It’s something I’ve decided I want to do.

This is, in a way, a way for me to share some art with you as well as a way to archive some of my art. (I’m also planning on  rebinding some of them too.)  Obviously this digital form doesn’t really hold a candle to the experience of actually seeing or holding a piece of art. But there ARE some advantages. And lately, I find my self exploring this medium. That’s just the way I work. I find something, a medium, and I become obsessed with it. I explore it until I find some sense of satisfaction with it.

…So, these flash projects are steps in that direction.

This picture viewer has a little bit more control. I’ve added slider, which allows you to scale the image. Still works the same as the other one though. Just click on it to grab and move it around. 🙂

I’ve also included a link to a full page version which I think gives a better experience.

If you’d like to give any input then let me know!  How is this experience compared with first one I posted?

[full page version]



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I figured out how to embed flash directly into my Blog!, which WordPress isn’t supposed to let you do… (So.. Shhhhhhh! Don’t tell wordpress!) Which allows me to post stuff like this rudimentary-picture-viewer-thing, which I think is pretty awesome. I’ve always wanted people to be able to view my artwork in this fashion, well sort of. It’s not perfect yet.

I always have a tendency to get really close to my work as i work on it.  And this let’s you explore in that way.

Soo without further adieux , Presenting… !


just click on the picture hold and move it around.

p.s. A lot has changed around here! I’ve been working and modifying things here and there. I think it’s starting to shape up. It’s pretty exciting. You can now subscribe to this blog over in the sidebar >>>
so if you want to be updated, give that a try.


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starting to get the hang of this…

putting things in some places.  for now most everything is over there! >>>           and ^^


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welcome to my website. there’s a lot of tinkering to do yet.

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